BPM Shaker

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개발자: Roeland Van Lembergen
0.99 USD

An updated version with full support for iOS 4 and the Retina Display is in development. The new version will be priced slightly higher, so if in doubt: buy it now and you wont regret it!

Tired of using your fingers for BPM counting? With BPM Shaker you can simply shake your iPhone or iPod touch to the beat and get an instant readout of both average and current BPM values as well as the difference between two consecutive BPM count updates.

For your convenience, a graph gives you visual feedback of the force you apply to the device and the beats it detects from your movement. This gives you the chance of adjusting your movement for perfect beat couting.

An additional feature helps keeping the beat count accurate after you were interrupted or made a mistake. For those who dont like to shake, a Tap mode is also provided.

Have fun and let me know what additional features you could use!

Feature List:
- Works on both iPhone and iPod touch!
- Shake and Tap modes for beat counting.
- Counts both current and average BPM.
- Filters out shakes and taps that are off by more than 40% to keep BPM count as reliable as posible.
- Adjustable shake sensitivity.
- Visual feedback of the applied shake force.
- Metronome with BPM input via scroll control or direct input via keyboard after tapping on the BPM display.
- The counted BPM value is automatically filled in when editing the metronome tempo.
- Pitch adjust on metronome lets you see how pitch influences the BPM rate.
- Metronome feedback with sound and flashing LEDs.
- Comes with several different metronome tick sounds.
- Adjustable tempo signature for metronome.
- Both counter and metronome can be used upside down.
- User settings are stored automatically.